Welcome to SURFchurch. What on earth does Bristol (a small city on the state line of Virginia and Tennessee) have to do with surfing? Also, what does surfing have to do with church? Lastly, this sounds to good to miss, how do I get involved? Great questions!

Get involved simply by showing up. Sunday mornings at 11ish am for all ages, or sunday evenings at 7ish pm for college students / young adults. We used to say 11, and 7 but we want those first 15-20 minutes you spend with us to be focused on relaxing with a cup of coffee, and new and old friends. Come join us at: 1145 Volunteer Parkway /suite 14/ Bristol TN 37620. SURF’s up!

As for your other great questions we hope you’ll take the time to look under the “about us” tab above, and meander around our entire site. Before your SURFchurch adventure begins please know this – God loves you, and this city. We believe the sign on state street that says Bristol is a good place to live, and we also believe that Bristol is a good place for Jesus to live. To live in and through ordinary people like you and me.