SURFchurch exists to be a catalyst of transformation through interactive relational development with Jesus Christ.


YMCA 400 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Bristol TN 37620

SURFchurch - Sunday Morning 11:00am (ALL ages)

NEW SURF young adults and teens COMING SOON

SURFlive -  Saturday Morning 10am Facebook Live Broadcast


We are investing our lives in a everlasting LOVE that renders returns that supersede what this world has to offer. We invite you, your family, and friends to come along for the adventure. 

SURFchurch is a unique place to experience some Jesus Love for those living in or visiting the Bristol VA/TN area.

Mountain Latitude, Island Attitude. Authentic Southern Appalachian hospitality blended with the laid-back relational approach of the islands. God has given this little corner of His kingdom a sweet & lasting flavor without the christianese after taste. Come taste and see that the Lord is GOOD. 

"Feels like chillin in the boat while Jesus cooks breakfast on the beach. That really happened you know. Maybe He just wants to hang out with us where we are in life instead of being a cosmic judge or genie in the sky. Maybe He wants us to truly love Him as a friend and grow relationally from there." (Reference John 21)

Welcome home, drop anchor here.
— Matt Cross


Find out about this community, our mission, our story, and the vision. "You can't stop the waves of life, but you can learn to SURF."

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